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Donald Brown - Constitution

Donald served 37 years with the Boston Police Department as an Officer and Detective. During his career he received specialized training in psychological profiling, information technology, advanced investigative techniques, organized crime investigations, intelligence analysis, and many others. He holds Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Business from Bryant & Stratton School of Business and U. Mass Boston and received certification as a “Certified Trainer” from AT&T's Train The Trainers course.

During his early career as a detective, he and his two partners, while investigating drug activity made the largest single drug arrest (Heroin), at the time, in department history. He was also part of a joint task force that included ATF, U.S. Marshall Service, and U.S. Immigration and was sworn as a Deputy U.S. Marshall. The task force investigated the influx of the Jamaican gangs who, at the time, had infiltrated the Boston area.

He later became part of the department's Information Systems Group (ISG) and the Information Technology Systems group and assisted with the design and implementation of BPD's first ever Detective Case Management system. He was also tasked with instructing all of the BPD detectives and detective supervisors (close to 400) on the system and designed the instruction manuals for the course.
An accomplished martial artistist, and passionate about “giving back” to the community, he was the co-founder and creator of the Community Youth Martial Arts program at M.A.M.L.E.O. The program was created in 2013 in order to reach out to young people in our communities and show them that there are alternatives to Gangs, Guns, and Drugs. Not only were students trained in the “Art” they are also taught about “the history”, nutrition, the importance of an education, “Family”, Physical Fitness, and how to deal with the issue of Bullying and Peer Pressure. Many of the students have since gone on to graduate from high school while others have received full college scholarships.

Throughout his career he has received a multitude of certificates and prestigious awards from the department and has been a proud member of M.A.M.L.E.O since 1981. He is a past MAMLEO Board Chair and Financial Officer, and is Chair of MAMLEO’s Historical Committee.