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Lamont Rutherford- New York State

Lamont Rutherford II, born and raised in Buffalo, NY in 1987, currently serves the City of Buffalo as a Police Officer as well as a City Marshal. He sits on the board of trustees for the Afro-American Police Association, and acts as union delegate for the police association. He is a father, a business owner, and an investor who prioritizes his family, health, and the pursuit of success.

During his seven years with the Buffalo Police Department, he has worked towards becoming a pillar of the community that raised him, and to provide the representation that they deserve. As an active member within the community, he interacts with teenage youth at community events, believing this to be especially important because the youth today are the future of tomorrow.

He admits to a somewhat turbulent youth, but says that his grandmother and father were his saving grace, learning kindness from his grandmother and resilience from his father, both characteristics that he indicates shaped him into the man he is today. His goal is to be a respected leader of the community and to be the change we want to see in the world.