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NABLEO Membership Requirements

Membership shall be composed of any and all organizations and persons representing the interests and concerns of peace officers committed to the purpose and goals of the organization. Said membership is not restricted to the race, color, creed, or ethnic origin of the organization or individual. All applications for membership must be made on prescribed forms and must be approved by the Board of Directors during a meeting of the General Membership

Chapter Affiliates

A chapter Affiliate shall be any organization that meets the criteria of Article III, Section 1. Upon completion of the application form, to include submission of a copy of the organization's constitution/by-laws document, the National Membership Committee will present the completed membership package to the National Board of Directors for consideration. Upon a majority vote of the National Board of Directors, a Chapter Affiliate status will be granted. At the time of acceptance, the National Dues will be due and payable.

Individual Members

Individual Membership shall be any and all peace officers/law enforcement officers and consistent with Article III, Section 1. Before becoming an individual member each applicant will be encouraged to join an established, active local chapter affiliate.

Associate Members

Shall be such persons as may have an interest in furthering the goals, mission and interests of the Corporation, and who do not meet the specific requirements of Article III, Section 8 (a) of the constitution

Corporate Members

Shall be members of the general business community of any state, who have shown or demonstrated compatibility with the mission, goals and principles of the Corporation, and who shall otherwise meet the requirements for Associate Membership