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Consider joining us as either an individual, chapter, associate or corporate sponsorship member. We welcome your participation.

The National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. was officially established in 2002 with the participation of nearly 40 organizations representing the issues and concerns of African American law enforcement officers in CT, MA, NJ, NY, PA, and RI, and is now a premier national organization serving as an advocate for the concerns and issues of law enforcement officers of color throughout the United States and the communities they serve.

Incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, we welcome the support and participation of officers of color from throughout the United States, as it is only through a concerted, united front that we may protect our communities from those BOTH WITHIN AND WITHOUT our profession who would prey on them.

Our mission is to provide community-based solutions to policing issues which have a direct impact on communities of color and the pivotal roles that African American, Latino, and other criminal justice practitioners of color play. We do this through various programs designed to empower youth, enhance the professional, career and personal training of our membership and others in our profession, improve the quality of life in poor and low-income communities, and strengthen the bonds between community members and their law enforcement guardians. Our tools for success include: opportunities to expose youth to the criminal justice field, training conferences for law enforcement and community members, member advocacy sessions, and various other endeavors.

We Welcome Our Community As Partners

As an Associate or Corporate Sponsorship Member, you gain not only the distinction of membership, but a real opportunity to work on and enhance issues that have a direct impact on how law enforcement interacts with the community they are sworn to serve. Participating in our training conferences, community service programs and other activities provides not only a sense of belonging but a true sense of accomplishment as well.


Whether your interest or need is in banding together as a chapter organization, becoming an individual, associate or corporate sponsorship member, the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers welcomes your participation and involvement. Please feel free to download and review our membership application or provide your information through our online application process.