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Anonymously Posted Racially Biased Letters Cause Irreparable Harm In Working Conditions For African American Officers

Dated: Wednesday February 18, 2015

Not since the ignominious “Domelights” scandal in Philadelphia, PA has there been such an outrageous display of arrogant hostility directed towards African American law enforcement officers as has been shown with the anonymous letters that have been placed in department-controlled mailboxes at the Bridgeport, CT Police Department during the past 30 days, with the most recent threatening physical harm to at least one officer. And there is no doubt that these personalized attacks are being perpetrated by persons within the Bridgeport Police Department itself, as the latest was issued on standard, departmentally issued stationary, which is neither available to, or accessible by, the general public.

These issues severely highlight what can only be considered as a thriving, condoned hostile work environment, one which is apparently condoned both administratively and systemically.

The perpetrators of these assaults, for that is exactly what they are, apparently feel secure in their current anonymity, even with the recognition that they may possibly face no adverse action if their identity is known. Yet they must be stripped of their anonymity and outed in the most public fashion possible, regardless of who they are and what station they maintain.

Issues such as this have no place in our profession or society, and only serve to further inflame already unsteady relationships.

As a body, the Board of Directors and General Membership of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers is outraged at this issue and call upon Chief Joseph L. Guadett to request the Connecticut State Police, or other independent body, to conduct an open, fair and transparent investigation of these incidents, as the integrity of the internal process is now subject to question and debate.

As a body of professional law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners, we stand in unison with the members of the Bridgeport Guardians Association and all others who have taken issue with these offenses, and call for the immediate termination of all those involved in perpetuating these acts of domestic, racial terrorism and violence.

The National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc, a 501.(c).(3) non-profit, is a premier national organization representing the interests and concerns of African American, Latino and other criminal justice practitioners of color serving in law enforcement, corrections, and investigative agencies throughout the United States, and the communities in which they serve.

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